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Luckily, cancer is already on predictive text .....

In April 2009, Rosie Kilburn wrote her first blog post:

“My name is Rosie Kilburn, I’m 17 and I have cancer.

. . . a few months ago I started thinking. . . What can I actually do with this cancer stuff? I mean, I have quite a strong story right? 17 year old fighting cancer, pull on your heart strings blahblah, surely there has got to be something that I could use my influence to do...I wanted to do something long term. So I was sitting in that hospital waiting room and I decided to hold an auction. An art auction”

The auction raised £10,000 to start production of a range of t-shirts, the main message of which is to stand up and fight back against cancer. To be a victor and not a victim.

“I hate hearing about people and their families who get diagnosed with cancer and just revert into themselves and completely change who they are because of how cancer has got them down. I want to change that perception. Be proud that you are a right trouper, don’t consider yourself as weak.”

Rosie developed a sustainable, non-profit business selling wearable art in the form of T-shirts. Her aim was to break the taboo of cancer by getting people to talk about it. She wanted to promote the message that cancer is not about the suffering, it’s about the surviving.

The ‘knock on effect’

“... is the indirect result of an action or decision. It’s my idea of raising money that will result in support, etc., for anyone connected with cancer. . . I’m going to donate the money to charities who provide help and support for people indirectly affected by cancer and charities who lift the spirits of those with cancer.”

In September 2011 Rosie died, aged 19. Since starting TKOE she’s raised thousands for the charities she wanted to support, expanded The Knock on Effect and inspired thousands of people all over the world through her blog, her newspaper column and her TV and radio appearances.

Rosie renewed the web domain 15 hours before she died. Team Kilburn (her family, friends and blog followers) have decided to carry on her work. Our challenge in 2012 is to raise £20k in honour of Rosie’s 20th birthday.

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